Hello, a warm welcome!

What brought you here?


Are you looking to

  • gaining inner clarity, peace and strength?
  • liberate your life from inner and outer influences and acquire harmony?   
  • finding a way to live spiritually, to walk your inner path and follow your soul?
  • learn to meditate, incorporate the experiences of the meditation and achieve self-empowerment?    
  • practicing yoga in different ways, to relax and strengthen your body and mind?

You have found the right place!
My name is Johanna Heinrichs and I welcome you to ‘The Pavilion Lastingham’ a place for your inner self.

I provide a tranquil and secure surrounding for you to feel welcome and to have the space for your inner self. 

Johanna Heinrichs

simplicity – clarity – space & solutions

 I offer you

Counselling Sessions

 Individual support and guidance with proven tools for your personal development

Meditation Evenings

Using the Holistic Awareness Method
HAM – Centering

Meditation Courses

Experience the HAM -Centering  and how to apply it in your daily life, beyond the moment of meditation


Workshops with gentle Yoga on the mat or chair 

Meet me at the Pavilion...

…and sign up for a Yoga Workshop, a ReConSat Individual Counselling Session, or get to know the basics of the Holistic Awareness Method (HAM) Centering in a Meditation Course, or get a first look at a Meditation Evening.

The Pavilion is situated in Lastingham, a tranquil and picturesque village in the North York Moors – a wonderful place to unwind.


The stunning countryside, ancient buildings and the rugged heather of the North York Moors with its sheep, pheasants and grouse all around, is the perfect place to feel embraced by nature and its beauty. And it’s the place to find time for your inner self.

For more information about Yoga and ReConSat carry on reading and exploring my website, contact me or visit the ReConSat website .