About Me

My name is Johanna

and I live in the picturesque village of Lastingham, in the North York Moors National Park, as well as in a bustling town near Frankfurt, in Germany. I travel between these two countries regularly and try to spend as much time as possible in England.

I’ve done Yoga since my childhood and worked as a ReConSat consultant and Yoga teacher for many years. I am also trained as a nurse and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. Currently I am the only ReConSat-Consultant in England. And I am the only ReConSat-Teacher within ReConSat.

I greatly enjoy teaching Yoga and helping people help themselves. The core of the ReConSat Philosophy is to accept oneself and all situations in life. Through this attitude and daily meditations, I personally regain my inner peace, serenity and strength, no matter what’s going on around me.

I believe that Yoga can be beneficial and that ReConSat could help in all walks of life.

Through all my training and my experiences as a ReConSat-Consultant, I advanced into a position in which I would like to support and guide you with your personal development.

My path to Yoga

I came to Yoga as a child and practiced it ever since. I had lessons with Friedrich Euler and Gerhild Euler, the pioneer of Children’s Yoga in Germany. As a teenager I visited seminars and advanced training courses with the Professional association of Yoga teachers Germany (BDY) and other lecturers of varying Yoga techniques and styles in Germany and England and started my Yoga teacher training at the age of 16. I expanded my knowledge and practice of various styles of Yoga over the following years until I found my individual Yoga style. I completed my training as a Yoga teacher in Frankfurt a.M. at Yoga Center Nele Schuy (YCNS) and taught for many years. 

Through Yoga I encountered meditation and in addition I had the opportunity to discover various meditation techniques during my trips to India. 

And through ReConSat I learned a modern form of meditation, the Holistic Awareness Method (HAM) Centering and practised it ever since.

Because I experienced the benefits of Yoga as a child myself, I continued studying Yoga with Children with Thomas Bannenberg in Heidelberg, Germany, and started teaching in schools and Yoga studios.

I am open-minded to experiencing other styles of Yoga and I regularly do Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

My path to ReConSat

My path to ReConSat was founded by my desire to achieve further harmony within myself. I strived to be self-empowered and independent of circumstances, situations or people, which I found within ReConSat.

To get into the ReConSat training is competitive as the founder, Rebecca Rosing chooses the people with whom she would like to work with, from hundreds of applicants, in order to fulfil her goal to accompany people at the highest possible level.

I had the fortune to be trained by her and through my own experience of ReConSat to help oneself, I wanted others to experience the same, thus I became a therapist, a ReConSat-Consultant.

I am now the first ReConSat teacher after been selected and have accompanied her for several years as an assistant during her teaching, and completed my further education. Hence I had the privilege to personally observe her, had supervisions by her and was guided spiritually. I have developed personally through ReConSat skill enhancement courses and expanded my knowledge in the fields of psychology, psycho-oncology and psychiatry. Advanced training seminars are expected for further advancement and a thorough Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is ongoing. 

My training strengthened me in the experience that it is possible to be happy and independent of external circumstances at any time

My qualifications

I am a

  • fully trained anesthetic – , as well as an intensive care-nurse 
  • certified Yoga teacher (YCNS – Yoga Center Nele Schuy Germany)
  • certified ReConSat-Consultant II, ReConSat-Teacher (Rebecca Rosing Germany)
  • non-medical practitioner for Psychotherapy (Germany)

During 2011 and 2014 I was the Project Manager, along with my colleague, Pernilla Renner, for a research study about the effectiveness of the holistic awareness method (HAM) Centering, focusing on stress, anxiety, depression, pain and sleep disorders, which has been scientifically studied and proven  (results of the study can be found here).

In 2017 I taught psychiatry and psychotherapy for the course ‘non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy’, while teaching the ReConSat point of view.