How can I get to you?

By car:

From the A170 Thirsk 

Take the A170 from Thirsk, passing through Helmsley and Kirkbymoorside. 0.5 miles after Kirkbymoorside turn left, signposted Hutton-le-Hole. Follow the road into Hutton-le-Hole,  then turn right signposted Lastingham. First house on the left by the “Lastingham” sign. 

From the A170 Scarborough

Take the A170 from Scarborough, passing through Pickering. 4 miles after Pickering turn right, signposted Appleton-le-Moors, Lastingham (3.5 miles) Headlands Road, passing through Appleton-le-Moors in to Lastingham on Kirkgate Lane/Oldfield Lane/Lidsty Hill/New Road, turn left and leave the pub ‘The Blacksmith Arms’ on your right and the church on your left. After 100 yards the Pavilion Lastingham is on the right hand side, last house in the village by the “Lastingham” sign. 

By Train, Bus or Taxi


The closest railway station is in Malton, approximately 30 minutes away by car and there are hourly connections to York or Scarborough. There is also a bus stop just opposite the station. 


Local busses and Coastliners (128 and 840) regularly go to Malton, Pickering and Kirkbymoorside but don’t go as far as the village of Lastingham. 

There are a few, seasonal moors busses, please check the following link for further information: 

Only Mondays: 174 Kirkbymoorside – Pickering via Lastingham


Only Wednesdays and Saturdays 176 Malton – Kirkbymoorside via Lastingham



You could either get a Taxi directly from Malton to Lastingham which costs around £30 or catch a bus and then get a taxi from Pickering which costs around £20.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of parking available on the street just outside our gates and some within our courtyard on a first come first serve basis. (Please close the gate, due to the sheep)

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or transfer.

How do I book?

You can book online through the website or contact me via email. If you have further questions please contact me on______ or speak to me in person.

What, if I can’t make it?

If you are unable to attend a session, a workshop or a meditation evening please cancel 24 hours in advance via telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp.


What does ReConSat mean?

ReConSat means ‘back to the conscious being’ and it’s a modern life philosophy and includes

  • personal development
  • spiritual path
  • therapy with self help tools

The aim is to bring your entire system and life into harmony, to learn how to help yourself and to achieve self-empowerment.

Who is the founder of ReConSat?

ReConSat was developed by the Danish Psychologist Rebecca Rosing and means ‘back to the conscious being’. Rebecca Rosing has an exceptional sensitive clairvoyant perception and the ability to understand the depth of connections and mechanisms of the human system in its complexity, differently.

On the continent she is called the female Eckard Tolle.

Why should I try the ReConSat methods?

ReConSat could help you, if you have symptoms like:

  • being overworked, feeling inner restlessness, experiencing burnout or general dissatisfaction and negative thoughts
  • always focusing on your problems and not finding any clarity and peace
  • absorbing feelings, emotions, energies, or exhaustion
  • Self-uncertainty and self-doubt

What do I gain by trying the ReConSat methods?

A new inner serenity, calmness and stability.

HAM Centering

What is HAM Centering?

The HAM Centering is a new and modern form of meditation. You can learn to feel your own body and perceive on different levels. Hence you can use different steps  wherever you are in your daily life and give yourself exactly  what your system needs, in this moment.

The aim with practising the HAM Centering is, a good body awareness, healthy grounding and natural boundaries.

What do I gain by practicing the meditation HAM Centering?

You could learn what really does you good and does not, and consequently make more coherent decisions.

It becomes possible to experience a deeper self-connection and step by step you could develop an inner stability.

You could develop clarity and the ability of dealing with problems pain or illnesses.

You could gain inner freedom, satisfaction and simplicity.

You could experience more authenticity and less vulnerability to external influences.

What is meditation?

Do I need to sit on the floor? I have difficulties sitting on the floor.

During the meditation we will sit comfortably on a chair.

I have never meditated before, will this be an issue?

No, just try it. 

What is the difference between an Individual Session and a Meditation Evening?

Individual counselling sessions are on a 1 to 1 basis. They tend to be around an hour and cost 50 pounds.

A Meditation Evening is a guided meditation and up to 14 people can attend. 

These events are free of charge. 

Where can I get the CD’s?

You can order the CDs from the ReConSat website or buy them from me. 

Do I need a CD?

If you like to practise the HAM Centering properly, then yes you do.

Individual Counselling Sessions

What is an Individual Session?

A one-to-one session in which personal topics can be discussed in privacy and a person can be seen as a whole and given room to be. 

What are the topics in an Individual Session?

Topics are personal and examples are:

  • clarifying your current life situation 
  • developing a good grounding and healthy personal boundaries
  • dealing with anxiety, exhaustion, depression or stress
  • addressing suppressed behavior patterns and blockages on physical, energetic and emotional levels
  • coherent decision-making through the development of one‘s sensitivity

How often do we have appointments?

We try to see our clients as little as possible, but are available when necessary.

How much does an Individual Session cost?

A ReConSat individual session usually takes 60 minutes and costs 50 pounds per hour which is payable at the end of the session in cash or transfer.

How long does an Individual Session take?

A ReConSat individual session usually takes 60 minutes, but might be longer or shorter depending on personal needs. The fee is adjusted accordingly.

Can you solve all my problems?

No but I can help you on your journey to self-empowerment and can support you through your issues and topics. 

Meditation Evening

What is a Meditation Evening?

it’s a gathering where you will be guided through parts and individual steps of the Holistic Awareness Method (HAM) Centering, which are appropriate to the situation and the groups needs at that moment. 

How many people attend a Meditation Evening?

up to 14 people can attend. 

How much does a Meditation Evening cost?

The Meditation Evening is cost free

How long is a Meditation Evening?

The Meditation Evening will be around 1hr – 1hr15

Meditation Course

How many people attend a Meditation Course?

up to 14 people can attend. 

How much does a Meditation Course cost?

A meditation course costs £ 195 and includes 1 x 30 minute individual talk and 1 practice CD 


What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing in which you can move easily. Socks are recommended.

How many people attend a Yoga workshop?

Up to 6 people for Yoga on a mat. 

Up to 8 people for Chair Yoga.


I have never done Yoga, will a workshop be too difficult?

It is no problem if you have no prior experience, just inform me about this and I will adjust the level of the exercices according to the group. The workshop can be a new, rewarding experience that is based on perceiving your own body through movement.

I have done Yoga a lot, will a workshop be too easy?

If you have lots of experience, please inform me of this. Independent of experience the workshops can be beneficial to all, as it is about experiencing yourself. 

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, you don’t need to bring anything. Comfortable Yoga mats, bolsters, cushions, blankets, chairs, water etc. will be provided.

Can you cure my back ache?

Yoga can help with flexibility and strengthening of the back, however, it is not a miracle cure. It takes persistence and the right training to combat back ache and some exercises might not be suitable and ultimately will have to be adjusted. Please inform me prior to a session if you are suffering from back ache etc. 

About me

Who are you?

My name is Johanna Heinrichs and I was born in Germany. I am married and have two grown up daughters. I live in Lastingham, as well as, in Germany. 


What are your qualifications?

I am a fully trained nurse, anesthetic-nurse as well as an intensive care-nurse. 

I have a Yoga teacher diploma (YCNS – Yoga Center Nele Schuy) Germany

I have a ReConSat-Counsellor diploma, ReConSat-Teacher diploma Germany

I am a non-medical practitioner for Psychotherapy Germany