a new way to develop your personality

ReConSat is a modular system of self-help tools suitable for everyday life.

With this method you can learn to live authentically by using your sensitive perception in order to be able to follow your inner coherence. You will become more conscious and bring your entire system back into harmony.

To obtain the ability of helping yourself in every situation you are finding yourself in, to gain inner clarity, peace and strength and to use your inner resources to solve problems on your own. ReConSat is unusual in requiring no resources from the outside, so that you are independent and can be content in every situation. This method offers you the opportunity to learn to be present and be with yourself so that you can rely on your inner resources and use them. 

Detach yourself from the idea of ​​how things have to be! Arrive in the truth of the moment which arises when you live out of your own inner strength.


ReConSat – back to the conscious being 





could help you with the following questions:

  • Do you feel anxious, depressed or stressed? 
    Or are you experiencing symptoms like: being overworked, feeling inner restlessness, experiencing burnout or general dissatisfaction and negative thoughts?
  • Do you worry about family, work or relationship problems?
    Or are you experiencing symptoms like: always focusing on your problems and not finding any clarity and peace?
  • Do you feel that you are not entirely present within yourself, lack healthy boundaries or can’t say no?
    Or are you experiencing symptoms like: absorbing feelings, emotions, energies, or exhaustion?
  • Would you like to build up your self-esteem & self-assurance?
    Or are you experiencing Symptoms like: Self-uncertainty and self-doubt?
  • Would you like to learn to help yourself and discover your inner strength?

Get a new inner serenity, calmness and stability, despite the challenges of everyday life.

Many people believe that they can only be happy when they have solved their problems.

The ReConSat methods allow you to experience and enjoy your own life more happily and actively – even with problems

If you would like to know more about ReConSat and its methods, please click here.

ReConSat is a modern philosophy of life that allows you to enjoy yourself and your life from a new perspective and experience everything that happens, from a healthy distance and be happy whatever the circumstances.

ReConSat was developed by the Danish Psychologist Rebecca Rosing and means ‘back to the conscious being’ and its based on her exceptional sensitive clairvoyant perception. She has the ability to understand the depth of connections and mechanisms of the human system in its complexity, differently. Hence she established the ReConSat methods.

The aim within this is to bring your entire system and life into harmony, to learn how to help yourself and to achieve self-empowerment. Through this you could cope with any situation that life throws at you.

With ReConSat you can live spiritually – to walk your inner path and follow your soul. This means living your very own individual truth, detached from social norms, expectations or ideas of how you should be or live your life.


HAM Centering

The Holistic Awareness Method (HAM) Centering is a modern form of meditation and one of the main method in ReConSat. You can learn to feel your own body, which can lead to good body awareness, healthy grounding and natural boundaries. These form the foundation to get to know yourself.

The holistic aspect of the HAM Centering is the perception on different levels. Hence you could learn to perceive on all these levels and gradually your senses are sharpened in order to recognise your own signals and needs. Depending on those needs, you could apply single elements of the HAM Centering directly, to give yourself exactly what you require in this moment, in your everyday life. With this you can bring your entire system back in harmony. This is unique and exists in this form only in ReConSat.

The sensitive perception is basically a natural ability of every human being. Due to social development, however, this is mostly no longer lived. ReConSat is about finding that natural access within yourself. This means getting back in touch and training your perception professionally. The own body serves as a perceptive instrument. With the HAM Centering you get to know and feel your body. This is the basis to developing a reliable, clear and down to earth sensitive perception and not to lose yourself in fantasies, ideas, desires or in wishes. So that you are able to integrate it again as a natural part of your life.


ReSource is a method which allows you to get to the source of your issues, your painful experiences and the depth of your emotions. Out of your own inner strength and love you can transform energies, feelings and emotions, handle traumatic experiences and resolve blockages.


You could learn what really does you good and does not, and consequently make more coherent decisions.

It becomes possible to experience a deeper self-connection and step by step you could develop an inner stability.

You could develop clarity and the ability of dealing with problems pain or illnesses.

You could gain inner freedom, satisfaction and simplicity.

You could experience more authenticity and less vulnerability to external influences.





The effectiveness of the HAM Centering especially for stress, anxiety, depression, pain and sleep disorders has been scientifically studied and proven (results of the study can be found here – coming soon )



Individual Counselling Session

At a ReConSat one-to-one session, I’ll help you to get back in touch with yourself and show you a way to clarify your issues, so that you can help yourself build up your own strength and inner independence.

Finding clarity, regarding your current life situation and your needs.

Finding a natural boundary by building inner stability and tranquility, to become independent of external circumstances and people.

Training self-perception, by learning to trust your inner voice more, so you can recognise and increasingly reduce recurrent behaviour patterns, emotional reactions or blockages on physical, emotional and energetic levels.  

ReConSat is constructed like a tool box and fits into every situation, thus you get something which can be used easily after the sessions in your daily life.

When you bring clarity to recurring themes, when you build up support and stability within yourself  – then you are gradually able to make coherent decisions and follow your own truth.

The individual sessions always start by focusing your attention from the outside towards you and into your body. Being within yourself creates the foundation, from which you can view your issues from a sufficient distance. This will be done by consciously sensing, perceiving and applying various ReConSat techniques, for example:

  • Holistic Awareness Method (HAM) Centering
  • ReSource: a method to solve blockages on different levels
  • guided conversations
  • observation and analysis of mental connections
  • perception of feelings
  • Family Constellations Method according to ReConSat

So that you can learn to tackle your issues.

With my training and perceptive abilities, I support and guide you individually and sensitively. From my neutral external perspective, I give you the space and the necessary impulses to enable you to independently recognise solutions and to have a better understanding and acceptance of your own topics and problems.

Together we develop ways in which you can support yourself in your everyday life. So that you become independent from external help and to learn to feel good in any situation, despite having problems.

Because everything you require for your personality to develop  – you already carry within yourself.

I look forward to accompanying you on your path to inner liberation and the journey of your fulfilment.

Costs: A ReConSat session usually takes 60 minutes and costs £50 and but might be longer or shorter depending on personal needs. The fee is adjusted accordingly.


Meditation Evening

The meditation takes place while you are sitting comfortably on a chair. You will be guided through parts and individual steps of the Holistic Awareness Method (HAM) Centering, which are appropriate to the situation and groups needs at that moment.

The HAM Centering is deliberately designed that it can be followed without prior knowledge, as it is aimed at beginners and advanced meditators alike. If you require further information about the HAM Centering, please see above.

During this mediation you will have the space of simply ‘being with yourself’ and to experience a new awareness and accepting perspective.

Meditation evenings are free, please find the dates here 


Meditation Course

“Meditation for daily life” Coming down from stress and building up inner peace

With this course you will learn and experience practical exercises that you can use when you are stressed. You will get basic knowledge about psychological processes and learn selected steps of the HAM Centering which are practiced and deepened with many practicals.

The exercises will help you to get out of functioning and away from depression, stress and anxiety. Instead of this comes the possibility to gain more serenity and joy of life and to live self-determinedly and independently of symptoms and problems.

The focus of the course is not to learn the theory of HAM Centering, but to practice individual steps and to integrate them directly into everyday life and to develop your self-empowerment: To calm down, to reduce stress and with the aid of the self-help tools practice what you’ve learnt and thus experience a different approach towards your topics within your daily life.

While the problem is current, special selected steps of the HAM Centering can be used directly in everyday life. Just when stress, fears, etc. are there, you can apply this method, parallel with what you are doing right in this moment. This way, the cycle of negative emotions and thoughts can be interrupted and positive things, such as more space, peace and clarity, can arise within yourself.

The effectiveness of the method especially for stress, anxiety, depression, pain and sleep disorders has been scientifically studied and proven results of the study can be found here (coming soon).

The meditation courses will be conducted by me in small  groups and will run for 8 weeks, with weekly group meetings, or be a more intensive one week course.The total duration of the course is 600 minutes.

There is no prior meditation knowledge required. The course is for both meditation beginners, as well as, people who already meditate with the HAM Centering and would like to refresh or deepen individual steps.

For the meditation you will be sitting comfortably on a chairs. The course is very well suited as a supplement to medical and therapeutic treatments.
Included in the course is one 30-minute one-to-one meeting, for individual support, to discuss your personal situation and tailor the exercises to your needs and daily routine.

If you require further information about the HAM Centering, please look above.

Costs: £ 195




„Integration of being” – HAM Centering and ReSource

The “Integration of being”  is the seminar where you can learn two main ReConSat techniques, the HAM Centering and ReSource, and its different steps in theory and practice and how to use them. Live from your own resources in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

Seminar topics include:

  • HAM-Centering and ReSource techniques, how to implement both of these techniques in your daily life
  • being grounded and recognising your own limitations
  • understanding of how blockages are created
  • the basic ideas of the ReConSat philosophy about life
  • reflection on your own value system, your roles and relationships
  • an improved understanding of your own life situation
  • self-help tips for sensitive people

 Dates coming soon. Please enquire for further information. 


Immerse yourself in the fullness of life and find clarity, peace and strength in yourself by trying ReConSat!

Also available under Deutsche Therapeuten in UK in German.