Terms & Fees


is a method with self-help tools and does not replace any medical treatment. My work is subject to confidential and professional ethics.

Please expect a strong professional ethos. And I will never work with energies that are delivered to you from the outside like universal life energy,  Angels or Masters, Prana-Healing, or similar.

And I do not use any tools for my advice such as glass balls, pendulums, rods, birth data etc. .


is an exercise class, which means working with your body. And I would encourage you to be open and approach me, should you have any physical and/or mental issues or medical conditions which would hinder you from participating, for instance, high blood pressure, pain, injury, slipped disc, anxiety etc. .


  • Individual ReConSat Counselling Session, each  £50
  • Meditation Course + 1 individual talk + CD £195
  • Yoga Workshop, each 2,5 h  £25
  • Yoga Session, each 1,5 h £12

Fees for the Individual Counselling Sessions are payable at the end of a session in cash or transfer.

Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place on a Course or Workshop.

If you are unable to attend please cancel 24 hours in advance via WhatsApp or e-mail.