From an early age I was enthusiastic about conscious movement and body posture in Yoga.

My desire to work as a yoga teacher was ignited once I found my individual Yoga style – a combination of gentle Hatha yoga exercises (Asanas) and the awareness of feeling and perceiving the movements in your body. Because it’s not about the form of the Asana which matters, it’s about how you perceive your body while moving. 

Through my personal experience I have noticed that one often goes over one’s own boundaries to achieve the perfect Yoga pose, like in pictures. If one does not achieve this perfect pose it can be disheartening, as well as, not beneficial for the body. 

It is important to me to be aware of my body and it’s boundaries within the movements during my Yoga. To be able to feel one’s own boundaries and to enjoy the personal encounter with oneself, is a conscious choice that takes time to acquire.


I look forward to welcoming you in my Yoga sessions to experience conscious movement.

Accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Senior Yoga Teacher, since early 2019.